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A.U.ESSE is a "design oriented" company that produces road containers for waste and street furniture.

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Litter bins

A complete range of pole and self-supporting waste bins, robust to withstand the stresses of the road, functional for users and operators, characterized by a linear design for respectful insertion into various urban contexts.

Outdoor differentiated containers

Line of containers for outdoor separate waste collection, with attractive colors and graphics to encourage waste separation in public or semi-public contexts.

Indoor differentiated containers

Line of containers for separate waste collection in private or public interiors, characterized by linear and minimally bulky shapes, for maximum installation flexibility. Customizations using eye-catching colors and graphics.

R.U.P. containers

Range of containers for the collection of dangerous urban waste, with protection systems against waste collection already inserted, for completely safe use by users and operators.

Dog clean system

Dog excrement collection system, an aid to the owners of our animal friends to maintain the urban decor of parks and cities.


A series of products dedicated to extinguishing and collecting cigarette butts, safe and functional products designed to avoid the dispersion of this particularly polluting type of waste.

Urban furniture

Line of urban furnishing accessories, designed to make the user feel at ease, simple in appearance, immediate in understanding and comfortable in use. Guaranteed for resistance and durability over time.