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Luisito bag
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The bags in the LUISITO bag system are a simple, functional tool for the collection of canine excrement. -Made in high density polyethylene, they are strong and resistant, with good sealing ability to humidity and smell. The system with tear-off blocks supplies individual bags, reducing waste and facilitating the user’s grasp. It also enable the distributors to be reloaded at any time without having to wait for the bags to finish, as in other systems, ensuring a constant service.

Technical specifications

Code: 1109150

Design: A.U.ESSE srl

Patent: Proprietà esclusiva A.U.ESSE srl

Size: Altezza 360 + 30 mm. – Larghezza mm. 200 – Spessore 15 micron

Material: Polietilene ad alta densità

Colour:  Marrone con indicazioni in varie lingue

Capacity: Scatola da nr. 2000 sacchetti in blocchi da nr. 50 unità

Weight: 2,53 gr. each one bag

Imballo: Box

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