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A.U.ESSE is a "design oriented" company that produces road containers for waste and street furniture.

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Auesse Auesse

Our experience for urban areas

Born in 2004 and in continuity with the previous 40-year business experience, we promote the development of new projects aimed at a sustainable future.

Our industrial path allows us to provide customers with a consolidated construction capacity, attentive to technological research and aimed at continuous improvement.

Customer satisfaction is the common goal of all our business processes, which is why we are suppliers of public bodies, service companies and institutions that require high standard equipment.

Our distribution network is constantly expanding from the domestic market, to the European one, to the new markets outside Europe.


Why choose us


The manufacturing is completely realized in Italy with the support of an induced of suppliers consolidated in the years, through the use of technologies and procedures of tried and tested reliability. The measurement of production processes allows us to monitor the various stages of processing, providing us with elements of assessment to eliminate any areas of defect.



Ideas and projects are the daily fulcrum of our work in harmony with the transformation of society, the changes in needs and the relative tensions. An interdisciplinary approach that in addition to product design involves communication, sustainability, digital innovation. Numerous are the collaborations with Studies and Universities.

“Nothing escapes design: it is its fatality” - Jean Baudrillard



The path of listening to our customers has always characterized our business. The attention to feedback has allowed us to define an internal structure that offers a cross support, in the choice of the most appropriate product, in defining the delivery methods and ensuring effective after-sales assistance.



The flexible production system allows us to adapt our products to the different needs of the customer in compliance with time and quality, even for small series. We normally integrate our product range with graphic customizations, functional modifications or targeted projects based on our customers' indications.



Ours is an effective contribution to the separate collection of the various types of waste with the supply of durable products, made with recyclable material, easily removable, repairable and reusable in line with the principles that characterize the circular economy.
A corporate commitment to promote a path aimed at pursuing the objectives of sustainable development identified by the 2030 UN Agenda, according to the criteria of greater social, environmental and economic responsibility.