About us


    A.U.ESSE S.r.l. is a ‘design oriented’ company which produces road bins for refuse and urban furnishings.
    We were set up 2004, taking over the branch Carrozzeria Moderna S.p.A. which focused on the creation of products for the décor of the urban environment.
    In continuity with the previous business experience, which lasted more than 40 years, we promote the development of new planning aimed at an eco-sustainable future.
    Our industrial path enables us to provide our customers consolidated constructions ability, with attention to technological research targeting continuous improvement.
    Customer satisfaction is the common objective of all our company processes and that’s why we supply public bodies, service companies and institutions needing equipment of a high standard.
    Our constantly expanding distribution network ranges from the domestic market to the European one and finally to the new markets outside Europe.


    You can send us news and updates on events and initiatives on the protection and care of the environment, which will be included in our newsletter distributed to sector professionals, through our Contacts area.


    Tell us your specific product requirements and our technical-commercial team will be able to identify flexible proposals suitable to your needs. We will submit you tailor made offers and any samples.


    We firmly believe that the improvement of our products goes through experience and listening to feedback from each customer or business operator. Please give us your feedback underlining the critical and/or positives ones.